A completely luxurious dining experience in a highly unexpected setting. The adventure begins as guests are ushered into a unique outdoor space - a wondrous environment perfect for sharing via social.

Our domes are transformed into terrariums with distinct terrains. A terrarium is an elegant encapsulation of an ecosystem; a living biosphere captured in time. Here, we bring that notion to life inside our domes, each corresponding to a different region of the earth’s terroir: tundra, tropical, grasslands, arid and boreal forest. These extraordinary spaces are designed using resplendent materials such as live flora, luxurious textiles and elegant illumination.

The dining experience is anchored by the Chef’s savoir-faire, and the landscape from which our food is grown. For example, from award-winning René Rodriguez’ Mexican heritage to his exploration of French and Italian cuisine, the chef’s menu is truly embodiment of regional diversity.

The ingredients have been locally sourced by Chef Rodriguez, who designed and prepares a delicious 3-course blind menu, including meat, fish and vegan options.

Artistic spectaculars will frame the stage which will offer opportunities to capture that perfect photograph against an iconic urban background.