Important Information About Your Upcoming Reservation

Thank you for booking Dinner With A View. We look forward to having you.
The Bentway - 250 Fort York Blvd

Please carefully review the contents below for important information regarding your dinner reservation.

Dinner With A View is an outdoor POP-UP dining experience. Although similar to a restaurant it does not function like one. As such, we experience certain limitations due to the outdoor environment, exposure to elements, new staffing and the fact that this is not a permanent venue or location. Therefore things may take a little longer than expected and may not be as smooth as we like, especially for the first week. We ask you to please be patient with us.

There are some things to keep in mind when participating  in this experience. This is a timed experience. Each reservation is allotted a maximum of 1 hour 45 minutes to complete their dining experience.

There are three SOLD OUT seatings per night. In order for us to accommodate each seating and reservation fairly, we strongly advise that all guests arrive 15-30 minutes prior to their reservation, as well as adhere to our check-in procedure by presenting your emailed tickets upon arrival with valid government issued ID.

Please note that some delays will occur. We will try to limit them as much as possible but be prepared for potential delays especially if you are our 7:30pm or 9:30pm seating. We have a licensed and heated Welcome Lounge available to host our guests until their dome is ready for them to be seated. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Please dress according to outdoor weather conditions.

This is a CASHLESS event. There will be NO ATM on site. Payment options ACCEPTED are American Express, Visa, Master Card and Debit.  EXTERNAL food or beverage ARE NOT PERMITTED.

+ What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your reservation.

+ Should I be worried about the weather?

The event will continue, rain or shine. The domes are weather protective, and equipped with a heater and blanket during cooler weather, and a cooling fan for warmer days. Additionally, the Welcome Lounge is an outdoor space that is heated but not covered. In the event that rain is forecasted, please bring an umbrella as they are not provided.

+ What should I wear? What is acceptable dress code?

There is no dress code, however, we strongly recommend that our guests dress according to outdoor weather conditions and in a business-casual style. Since this is an outdoor location with varying terrain, we recommend close toe and uniform soles for ladies footwear (heels may be difficult to navigate on site).

+ Can I bring my pet?

No, pets are not permitted. However, service animals are accepted.

+ Are strollers allowed?

Yes, but are not permitted inside the dome due to space constraints.

+ Where do I park?

There are two paid parking lots where you can park your vehicle.

Fleet Street & Strachan Ave (In front of The Royal Regiment of Canada Museum). There are entrances from Fleet St, Garrison Rd. and Strachan Ave.

250 Fort York Blvd. (Directly below the Gardiner Expressway) Entrance from Fort York Blvd.

+ Where should I get dropped off if I’m using a ride sharing service (Uber, Lift, etc..)?

Please ask your driver to drop you off at 250 Fort York Boulevard (designated by a red sign for ‘Fort York’) once you enter proceed to the end of the parking lot. Click here for map.

+ Is handicap accessibility available?

The Bentway is a multi-level venue and has limited accessible entry. Please note, our domes cannot fit wheelchairs or large accessible devices. Additionally, washrooms on site have 2 small steps to enter. Please email us at to inquire if special accessibility requests may be accomodated.

+ Where is the entrance?

The entrance is located at Strachan Avenue (Strachan Gate At The Bentway), right below the Gardiner Expressway (please refer to map).

+ What do I do when I arrive?

Upon arrival, please proceed to our entrance area with all your guests (refer to attached map). The primary guest (individual who made the reservation) MUST provide valid government issued photo ID that matches the dome reservation. Please also present this email as it will contain your tickets for your reservation.

+ Does the original person who booked the reservation have to be present?

Yes, the original person who paid for the reservation must be present. Primary guest (individual who made the reservation) MUST provide valid government issued photo ID that matches dome reservation.

+ Does the original credit card used for the reservation have to be present?

Yes, the original credit card that was used as the method of payment must be present for reservation verification purposes. Should you have any questions please email us at

+ Do I need to arrive with my whole group together?

Yes, we strongly suggest that all guests in your reservation are present at the time of check-in.

+ Are guests permitted to join my reservation last minute?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last minute guests as menu selections have been pre-arranged.

+ What if I'm late?

Since Dinner With a View is a timed experience - we must adhere to our dinner service schedule. If you or your guests are late, the meals for your reservation will proceed to be served in accordance with the rest of the seated reservations to avoid any potential delays.

+ Could there be delays or wait times?

Delays will occur. We will try to limit them as much as possible but be prepared for a delay especially if you are the 7:30pm or 9:30pm seating. We have a heated Welcome Lounge where guests can purchase drinks while they wait.

+ If I purchased beverages in the Welcome Lounge can my bill be transferred to my dome?

You may purchase drinks in the Welcome Lounge, however, they must be paid at the time of order as there are no tabs available. You will not be able to transfer your beverage bill to your dome. Once the beverage bill is paid, you are welcome to bring your drink into your dome. Please ensure all guests have valid government issued photo ID to make an alcoholic purchase.

+ Can I purchase beverages in the dome?

Yes you can. There will be a beverage menu in each dome. Most items will be available for purchase by the bottle only. Please feel free to reference our Beverage Menu. Please also note that since this is a POP-UP experience, there will be no complimentary water available. All beverages will need to be purchased (this includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). Please ensure all guests have valid government issued photo ID to make alcoholic purchases.

+ How long do I have in the dome?

Each reservation is given a strict limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete their meals to ensure our team will have 15 minutes to prepare the dome for the next reservation. No exceptions will be granted.

+ What can I expect while in the dome with respect to dinner and timing?

Dinner courses will be served at specific times as we need to ensure we have as little delay as possible. Your server will maintain communication in regards to timing. You will also be able to order beverages from a beverage menu. Click here to see Beverage Menu (Most items will be available by the bottle only).

+ Can I change my menu selections at this time?

Your are currently within 72 hours of the reservation, therefore meal options can no longer be modified.

+ Will my allergies or dietary restrictions be accommodated?

We guarantee all our meals to be pork, nut and shellfish free. Additionally, we try our best to accommodate most common dietary restrictions if they were disclosed during Step 2 of the online booking process (each allergy will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis, moreover depending on time delays experienced we may not be able to accommodate some or any allergies or dietary restrictions). We cannot guarantee accommodation for all dietary restrictions. Please inquire directly with your server for more information.

+ Are any convenience items in the domes complimentary?

None of the items in the domes are complimentary. Blankets, pillows, lights, etc. are property of Dinner With A View. Staff will record inventory before and after your reservation, consequently if any items are missing, they will be charged to the primary card that booked the reservation.

+ Can our group split the bill?

Due to strict time limitations, we do not recommend splitting bills, however, we will allow the bill for beverages to be split a maximum of two ways.

+ Are gratuities included?

No, gratuities are not included. A SUGGESTED gratuity amount will be presented on the final bill. Please keep in mind that the meal portion of the bill was pre-paid online without gratuity and therefore should be considered when leaving gratuity for the entire dinner experience. We encourage that the tip is entered on credit as this is a cashless event. Please note, gratuities will be distributed equally amongst all service staff.

+ After my dinner reservation concludes, is there something else I can do? What if I have drinks leftover and my time expires?

Please ask your server to assist you to our Welcome Lounge. You may continue your evening, and finish your beverages in this heated space which features two 18 foot bars, music and a picturesque area for photos.

Should you have additional questions that may not be covered above, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).